Mixers and Dispersers

The mixing systems can first of all be described based on the raw materials uses in mixers for powders and mixers or dispersion systems for liquids or for powders and liquids.

Powder mixing

The systems for mixing powders, granules or flakes are classified into two main groups: discontinuous – or batch-mixers, and continuous or continuum mixers

Batch mixers

Discontinuous or batch-mixers are mixing rooms that resemble tanks, their size is calculated based on the return, on the capacities/loads and on the types of products that the same must treat.

Mixers are fed with powder, granule or flaky products to be mixed in their respective quantity, they mix them with pre-calculated speeds and times, and only at the end of the process is the mix evacuated.

Inside, they usually consist of a main rotor, the author of the first mix, which goes through the mixing room for all its length, this is combined with the action of rotating propellers placed on the inner walls of the mixing room, guaranteeing that the powders, granules or flakes do not stagnate and are, moreover, rejected towards the rotor, so that it is homogenised anew for an excellent mix.

On the body of the batch mixers it is possible to envision the blowing in of gases, or liquids (water, air, nitrogen etc..).

All our discontinuous mixers can be built with painted carbon steel or AISI stainless steel

Continuous mixers

The continuous mixers are machines usually tubular, or shaped as a groove.
The products to be mixed are mainly loaded from one end, and as the product goes through the whole length of the body of the mixer, it is blended. When the outlet is reached, the mixed product is evacuated immediately and continuously.
The lengths and sizes of the continuous mixers are determined based on the characteristics of the materials to be mixed.
Continuous mixers are usually composed of one or more mixing rotors or tools on the body, extending for the whole length of the machine.

On the body of the batch-mixers it is possible to envision the blowing in of gases, or liquids (water, air, nitrogen, etc..)..

All our discontinuous mixers can be built either in painted carbon steel or in AISI stainless steel

Mixing and dispersion of liquids or of powders and liquids