Dosing Systems

Cost of raw materials, features and quality of the finished product.

Such are the factors that permit a manufacturing company to make itself known and to prevail over the other enterprises. That is why, in relation to the application, the batching system must be reliable, precise and efficient, because, through it, it is possible to obtain better products and to save on production costs.

Volumetric and gravymetric batching systems

Volumetric batching plants are those systems which, for calculating the capacity/load, consider the precision of the tool in distributing the powder and the time that that takes.

According to the precision and to the capacities/loads, there are batching plants and micro-batching plants.

The percentage of mistake varies depending on the capacity/load and on the measure of the tool, of the capacity/load range if its variation is required, depending on the powders treated/handled and of ambience conditions.

Ponderal bathcing systems

Ponderal batching systems are hoppers placed on load cells or scales; if carefully studied and if correctly fed through their batching system, they are the most precise instruments. Ponderal batching systems allow to obtain precision in weighing, with mistakes equal to those of the instrument used.

Ponderal batching plants, however, imply time wasting, in fact their principle is based on the filling of the vessel to be weighed, the weighing and, only subsequently, the discharge of the material for use in the system.

Continuous batching systems