GUCON projects, builds and installs components, machines and industrial plants.
The company’s activity falls within the range of plant-making, which, in turn, ramifies into dozens of sectors. Among the many GUCON especially follows, are various industries: chemical, nutritional, cosmetics, glass, plastics and house-building.

The plant-maker’s role is to visualise, imagine the plant; to study the simplest, most reliable and highly performing solution; and to define the machines that form it one by one. As a matter of fact, a plant comprises hundreds of components and machineries, each of which must be dimensioned depending on the work it has to perform, and on possible future enlargements, or output increases.
GUCON is extremely careful in studying the plant and the single machines, by seeking the simplest, most adequate, reliable and highly performing solution, while guaranteeing a high level of quality of both the materials and the products employed.
GUCON products are the essential system, studied as they are with the appropriate flexibility, while being conceived according to our customers’ requirements, and tailored to their needs.

Besides generating our customers’ satisfaction, such a line of thought guarantees that in most cases GUCON’s offer is competitive – when compared with ones of other firms – in terms of results, even of an economic character.

A customer that buys the GUCON product, has chosen tranquillity, quality and security at a competitive price, or an advantageous solution. The customer that chooses the GUCON systems, has opted for technological innovation and reliability.
Customers that have chosen GUCON have bought no less than what they demanded.
GUCON stands for transparency, know-how, innovation, seriousness and above all ability in listening.


GUCON means continual research and evolution, in order to improve and optimise systems, to attain the utmost in every situation. because Your objective is ours, as well.


GUCON rises between You and Your objective