Aeromechanical Conveyor

The AERO-MECHANICAL rope conveyor is a machinery that allows to convey powders, granules or flakes for long distances and heights, also with many bends along the route. This kind of conveyor allows low purchasing costs and energy consumption extremely reduced.

The machinery is composed by a pipe where inside run a braided steel rope with circular plates applied.
When the machinery works the moving of the plates produce a turbolence, so
the conveyed material (powders or granules or flakes) is aerate and lifted.
Therefore, isn’t directly the friction of the plates to convey but the
turbolence generate from its moving.
This peculiarity ensures long durability and low maintenance.

The sizes most commonly used are 2: the diameter of 76 mm and diameter 114

Our technical office, depending on the type of material, application, service and location will determine where the system is suitable and materials of construction, which can range from carbon steel to stainless steel.