Emptying/Filling big bags and bags

Manual sack-breakers

These are hoppers whose capacity is defined in relation to the application. Manual sack-breakers can be equipped with a hood with a sliding closure door, a dust-freeing filter, or pipe fitting, for centralised suction/aspiration. Sack-breaker hoppers can be built of painted carbon steel, or of AISI stainless steel, are studied either to be coupled with any extraction system – such as extracting screw feeders or pneumatic conveying systems -, or to be placed directly above/over the application.

Big bag emptying systems

The big bag-emptying systems are solidly built frames in whose lower section there is an outlet or hopper, required to encase the sack or big-bag; the upper part consists of a frame or lifting frame to which the big bag is suspended. The lifting frame can be handled/shifted by means of a hoist or thanks to forklifts, by using the appropriate housings for the forks it is equipped with.

The frames we make fit any size and kind of big-bag, whether they have to be cut, or be furnished with a proboscis and string/lace.

According to the requirements, one can envision the possibility of substituting the big bag before it is completely emptied.

The parts in contact with the product and the frames of the big-bag-emptying systems can be manufactured in painted carbon steel or in AISI stainless steel.

The big-bag-emptying systems have been studied to be coupled with any extraction system such as screw feeders/conveyors or pneumatic conveying systems, or for being placed directly over/onto the application.

Big-bag filling systems

The big-bag filling systems are useful to recover products which, otherwise, would go lost, or be thrown away, or to package materials into the big bags.

The big bag filling system is appropriate for storing any type and size of big sack, which is kept in a specific position thanks to possible, proper tensioners.

Big bag filling systems can be equipped with a mouth, ventilation and dust-freeing system.

The parts in contact with the product, and the frame of the big-bag filling systems, can be built either of painted carbon steel or of AISI stainless steel.