Rubans Transporteurs

Conveyors belt are systems for handling/shifting powders, granules, flakes or packaged products.

The principle of the machine consists in a belt which permits to transfer powder or objects even over very long distances, while sliding on proper surfaces.

The conveyor belt can be built with various materials and thicknesses, from anti-wear to-anti-static. In case of pronounced inclinations and for special applications, the belt can be fitted with listels or shaped as a fishbone to exert a greater attraction on the carried objects.

Conveyors belt can be used both to extract and to carry.

Depending on the width of the the belt, and on its speed, significant capacities/loads can be obtained.

Depending on their applications, conveyors belt systems can be designed in several versions: fully open, with sides or totally closed, and possibly even dust-free, thanks to suction systems.